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During this treatment, the horse’s layers of tissue are positively influenced through massage as well as stretching and extension...

Which equine health problems would this treatment be helpful for?

  • Back and/or neck pains
  • Poor head and/or tail carriage
  • Wounds and scar tissue
  • Different forms of lameness
  • Difficulties lifting the limbs (at the farriers)
  • After a fall and for any resulting injuries or changes

General problems which cannot be explained by riding issues

  • Lasting stiffness or disobedience towards riding aids
  • Deterioration in performance or a drop in energy
  • Timing errors
  • Difficulties with positioning / bending
  • Difficulties with collection
  • A slowly developing or suddenly occurring spate of obstacle faults or refusals
  • Violent / frenzied tail striking
  • Bucking
  • Crooked tail carriage
  • Jumping without bascule
  • Abnormal foot landing pattern

Various techniques can be applied in these cases

For example:

  • Rolling of the tissue layers
  • Manipulation using the sides of the hands
  • Massaging using the finger tips / ball of the thumb

During all techniques, emphasis is placed on making sure that the muscles can be relaxed. This treatment can only be successful if it is tailored to the ‘patient’ on an individual basis and the amount of force used is adjusted precisely to the needs of the horse and the regions being treated.

Whilst we might think, ‘the more the better’, the opposite is often true in this case.